South Pool (1501 Bluebird Drive)
North Pool (700 Teal Drive)
Creekside Pool (900 Villa Paloma Blvd)
Lakeview Pool (400 Lake Point Drive)

Pools are open from May 1st through September


Access: Amenity passes are available at the HOA office (South Amenity Center 1501 Bluebird Drive).  If you have recently closed or are renting, please bring something with your name/address to the HOA office in person to obtain your pass.  The pool/amenity is for members in good standing with the homeowners association and their guests. The first pass is free to the home, every subsequent pass is $50.  Do not grant access to individuals whose pass is not working.  

Pool Hours: 7 am-9 pm Monday through Sunday.  North Pool opens at 6 am with designated lap swim until 9 am.


Pool Rules

  1. There is no lifeguard on duty. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk.

  2. Audio devices are not permitted unless used with headphones.

  3. No smoking in the pool area or within 50 feet of pool entrance.

  4. No animals allowed in the pool area or enclosure area except service animals.

  5. No rollerblades, scooters, skate boards, skate shoes or bicycles allowed in pool or enclosure area.

  6. No one under the age of 18 years can supervise children at the pool area. Children should be supervised by an adult at all times.

  7. No profanity, lewdness or sexual misconduct is allowed in the pool area at any time or you will be asked to leave.

  8. Any person with severe cuts, open sores, rashes, infections or communicable diseases is not allowed in pool.

  9. No one should swim alone.

  10. Proper swim wear only is permitted in the pool. No cut offs or street clothing may be worn.

  11. Diapers are not permitted in any of the pools; only swim diapers are permitted.

  12. Pools are closed if there is a threat of inclement weather, including thunder, lightning and hail.

  13. No running, jumping, scuffling, excessive noise, dunking or rough housing in the pool or enclosed area.

  14. No glass containers.

  15. Do not put pool furniture into the pool at any time.

  16. Posted pool capacity and will be strictly enforced.

  17. Do not play with lifesaving equipment.

  18. No alcoholic beverages allowed in the pool areas or enclosed area. No person may enter the pool in an intoxicated condition.

  19. No grilling allowed in the pool area.

  20. The gates to the pool are to remain closed at all times and should not be propped open.

  21. No beverages or food allowed around the pool decking or in the pool. Please clean up after yourself.




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