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We want to ensure all Paloma Creek residents are informed. Here, you will find the Governing Documents, Welcome Packet, Home Lease Policy and Board Meeting Agenda. The Governing Documents include the Articles of Incorporation, Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions (CC&R), Bylaws and Rules & Restrictions. All renters must sign and submit the Rental Leasing Policy documents as well as provide a copy of your current lease. 

2023 CC&R Amendment Vote

What are We Voting On?:
  • There are two items to vote on. The first amendment up for approval is, in part, the association’s response to homeowner feedback regarding the number and type of rental properties in Paloma Creek HOA. It includes new leasing regulations and restrictions, bolster’s the association’s authority to enforce measures of the Home Lease Policy and cleans up outdated language about the association’s ability to enforce Prohibited Vehicles.
  • The second item to vote on is the certificate of annexation amendment which is needed to annex 213 lots being built by Beazer Homes (an original Paloma Creek builder), located west of Gammon Rd. (Paloma Creek Blvd.) and South of Izzy Lane. The Paloma Creek developer, Provident Realty, is developing these lots towards the tip of the Paloma Creek peninsula. As they acquired this tract of land much later than the rest of Paloma Creek, it was not originally annexed into the HOA; however, the model lot is located within the original Paloma Creek model park. Beazer will purchase finished lots from Provident Realty and will be the sole builder in this phase. Beazer is familiar with the type and quality of home in the neighborhood and will build a product that has only improved in energy efficiency and quality. They are building other nearby product in Union Park and Valencia on the Lake. This is a great opportunity for the HOA to bolster our current reserve funds and provide a greater income stream to further divide the HOA cost burdens among an additional 213 homeowners – something many homeowners will appreciate in an environment with ever increasing costs.
  • Please click here to view the proposed amendments.
  • Please click here to view Frequently Asked Questions.
How Do I Vote?:
  • Members are entitled to one vote for each lot owned. For lots where there are more than one property owner, the owners shall determine among themselves how the one vote for such lot shall be exercised.
  • There are several ways to vote:
  • You can vote online by going to https://palomacreekhoa.ivotehoa.com/register and using your registration code. If you need your registration code resent, submit a written request including your address, the name on your account and your email address to manager@palomacreekhoa.com. This information cannot be given over the phone. Once your request is processed, you will receive your registration code within 1-2 business days.
  • You can also vote using the Directed Proxy Ballot linked here. Please print the ballot, circle "Secretary" in Section A and complete section B by selecting how you’d like to vote, then complete section C with your own information. These forms can be mailed to 1501 Bluebird Dr., Little Elm, TX 75068 or dropped off in the drop box at that location. They can also be scanned and emailed to manager@palomacreekhoa.com.